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Bath Picture Gallery: University

Welcome to the campus of the University of Bath, England. These pages takes you for a photo walk across campus. Related sites introduce the city of Bath, you on a scenic walk to Bath University, and then down again via Bathwick Hill

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Around the lake, students are relaxing on sunny days, taking a break from their studies in the new all-glass library building. Or, they might enjoy a drink in the Parade Bar while watching others taking graduation pictures. After a busy day on campus, the Orange Bus takes everyone back to town.

The university campus is located on a green hill overlooking scenic Bath, and inviting for walks and jogging tours.


To the North, the university borders the golf club,

... while not far to the East, the American Museum invites offers insights in the history of the USA, and stunning views over the valley
click here to for scenic walks up to the University, and down again via Bathwick to the city centre of Bath.

text and photos: Klaus Meyer, 2008

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