Klaus E. Meyer, PhD

Professor of Strategy and International Business
China Europe International Business School, Shanghai

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I have been a Professor of Strategy and International Business at China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai, China since summer of 2011, and an adjunct professor at Copenhagen Business School since 2008.

Previously, I was a Professor at the University of Bath and the University of Reading in England, and I spend eight years with the Center for East European Studies, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, where I eventually became a Professor of International Business Strategy. I also held visiting positions at the Department of Management and Organization at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2001/02) and the Department of International Trade at National Cheng-chi University in Taipei (spring 2005).

I graduated with a PhD from London Business School, UK in 1997 with a dissertation on "Determinants of Direct Foreign Investment in the Transition Economies in Central and Eastern Europe", which received the best thesis award by the European Association for Comparative Economic Studies. I also have a Diplom-Volkswirt (MSc Econ) degree from University of Gttingen, Germany in May 1992, having spend one year of this education at the University of California at Santa Barbara, USA. I also spend two years in banking with the Nord/LB in Braunschweig, Germany.

My research focuses on the strategies of multinational enterprises in emerging economies. I am in particular interested in how firms adapt their business strategies to the specific conditions prevailing in each emerging economy. I have thus investigated foreign investor's choice of entry mode and foreign acquisitions in transition economies. My research also extends to the impact of foreign investors on the economic transition and development of the host economies, for instance in the context of privatization related acquisitions. Recently, I have also taken an interest in multinational enterprises originating from emerging economies, such as China, with a focus on how the context of the home country affects their pattern of their outward investment.

With Mike Peng, I have written a textbook "International Business", which provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of international business and is primarily aimed at students in courses taught in English across Europe. Hence, the book specifically incorporates issues and contexts relevant to European businesses.

Related to research, I hold some responsibilities in scholarly associations and journals, including the role of Vice President of the Academy of International Business (AIB) with responsibility for the 2014 program in Vancouver. I am also Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Management and Organization Review, and a Consulting Editor of the Journal of International Business Studies. In the past, I also served as a senior editor of the Asia Pacific Journal of Management (2007-2014), book review editor for the Journal of International Business Studies (2000-05), track chair for the AIB conference in Beijing (2006), Rio de Janeiro (2010) and Nagoya (2011), and chair of the selection committee for the EACES best PhD dissertation award on four separate occasions. 

My teaching focuses on core courses in Strategic Management, as well as advanced courses such as Strategy Projects, Global Strategy, International Business, and Business in Emerging Markets to MBA and EMBA programs.

You will find more information on my activities elsewhere on this website; enjoy your visit.

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