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Welcome to my 'work in progress' website. Here you can find papers that my co-authors and I are currently working on. We would appreciate constructive comments. Note that papers under review with journals that do not permit posting of 'papers under review' (and hence most management journals) are not to be found here.

Please note that we retain all copyrights to this work. When you cite these paper, please refer to this website, or, better, ask me if the paper has in the meantime been accepted for publication somewhere.

To download, click on the buttons provided on the right hand side.

Meyer, Klaus E. Process Perspectives on the Growth of Emerging Economy Multinationals version November 2012 paper
Meyer, Klaus E. & Su, Yu-shan

When To Localize? Integration And Responsiveness In Subsidiaries In Transition Economies

version June 2011 paper
Wang, Tiemin & Meyer, Klaus E. Managerial Spillovers: How FDI Facilitates changes in managerial mindsets in a transition economy version June 2009 paper
Du, Guochen & Meyer, Klaus E. Breaking the Chains: Privatization and Deinstitutionalization of Chinese State Enterprises version July 2009 paper
Meyer, Klaus E.

Corporate Strategies during the Global Downturn: Initiating a Forward-Looking Debate

version April 2009 paper
Meyer, Klaus E.

Social Responsibilities and Impact of Multinational Enterprises in Emerging Economies

version November 2007 paper
Jakobsen, Kristian & Meyer, Klaus E. Negotiating Entry Modes: Partial Acquisition in Transition Economies version November 2007 paper
Tan, Danchi & Meyer, Klaus E. The Scope of Business Groups: Evidence from Taiwan version September 2007 paper
Venohr, Bernd & Meyer, Klaus E. The German Miracle keeps Running: How Germany's "Hidden Champions" Stay Ahead in the Global Economy version March 2007 paper



Five Weddings and Two Funerals: An Excursion through the history of Braunschweig and England, Bath German Society @ Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution February 2011 poster slides (very large file).
Outward Foreign Direct Investment from Emerging Markets, JIBS/AIB Frontiers Conference, Charleston, SC, USA December 2009 slides
Perspectives on Entry Mode Research (Keynote Presentation at Vaasa International Business Conference)   August 2009 slides
The Context of Management: An Emerging Economy Perspective (Inaugural Lecture at University of Bath) November 2008 slides
Research Directions for Business in Emerging Economies (Adjunct Professorial Lecture at Copenhagen Business School) March 2008 slides
Foreign Market Entry (at British Council Taipei, Fu-Jen University and other places). December 2008 slides

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