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These are some scholars with whom I work, or who have in various ways influenced my scholarly thinking. Please click on their names to go to their personal homepage.


Saul Estrin, London School of Economics, UK

Mike Peng, University of Texas, Dallas, USA

Klaus Uhlenbruck, University of Montana, USA

Sumon Bhaumik, Brunel University, UK

Mike Wright, University of Nottingham, UK

Danchi Tan, National Cheng-chi University, Taipei, Taiwan

Andrew Delios, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Ram Mudambi, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA

Rajneesh Narula, University of Reading, UK

Mike Hitt, Texas A&M University, USA

Hung Vo Nguyen, NISTPASS, Hanoi, Vietnam

Zoltan Antal-Mokos, European School for Management and Technology, Berlin, Germany

Lee N. Davis, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Qin (Anne) Yang, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA

Sarika Pruthi, King's College, London, UK

Alan Bevan, now at Clive Capital LLP, London, UK

Modestas Gelbuda, now at Center for International Business and Economics Research, Lithuania


Former PhD students

Kristian Jacobsen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark (PhD from CBS)

Sarah Dixon, Dean, University of Bradford, UK (DBA from Henley Management College, winner of Keith Macmillan Price)

Evis Sinani, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark (PhD from CBS)

Svetla Marinova, University of Birmingham, UK (PhD from CBS)

Kristina Toth, PhD from Budapest University of Economics Sciences, Hungary (external)

Dilek Zamantili-Nayir, Marmara University, Turkey (PhD from Maramara University), (visiting)

Peng-Yu Li, Fu-Ren University, Taiwan (PhD from National Cheng-chi University), (visiting)


Current PhD students

Chun-Po Lin, University of Bath

Rapeeporn Rungsithorn, University of Bath

Racha Khelwa, Cambridge University (external)


Former colleagues at Center for East European Studies, Copenhagen

Niels Mygind

Snejina Michailova, now University of Auckland, New Zealand

Camilla Jensen, now Kadir Has University, Turkey

Delia Baghdasaryan (n Ionascu), now INRA, Grenoble, France

Yen Thi Thu Tran, now Hariot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland

Panu Kalmi, now University of Helsinki, Finland

Bersant Hobdari

Kristina Simkute, now KPMG Denmark


Scholars whose ideas had major impact on my work

Mark Casson

John Dunning

Peter Buckley

Douglas North

Edith Penrose

Jean-Francois Hennart

Alan Rugman

Bruce Kogut

Walter Eucken

Max Weber


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